Simple Monthly Pricing

No credit card required to start, unlimited trial period (test orders only). Billed Monthly.

Plans (per location) Premium
$3.00/Per Order
$2.50/Per Order
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Fax Fee
(fax only, otherwise free)

Fax/Phone Fee

Fax/Phone Fee For orders sent via fax to the store, $0.10/order. If no fax is used to notify the restaurant, no per-order fee is charged!

(Fax Only)
Unlimited Orders Info

Unlimited Orders

Take unlimited web, mobile, and Facebook orders. Order pricing varies depending on the notification methods you choose.

Web Ordering  РReceive thru Phone, Text, Fax and Email Info

Web Ordering - Receive thru Phone, Text, Fax and Email

Turn visitors into customers by taking orders right from your web site.

Facebook App Info

Facebook App

Our Facebook App enables online ordering right from your Facebook Page.

Mobile Menu Info

Mobile Menu

Our mobile-friendly menu easily adds to an existing mobile site. Need a full mobile site? Upgrade to our Mobile Web Apps!

Reporting Info


See the performance of your online ordering in real-time, and export orders to Excel to really crunch the data.

Mobile Web Apps Info

Mobile Web Apps

Build or extend your restaurant's mobile presence to reach even more customers with our customizable mobile web app.

Accept Credit Cards Info

Accept Credit Cards

Allow customers to pre-pay with credit cards and save cards on file for easy re-ordering.

Constant Contact Marketing Info

Constant Contact Marketing

Use Constant Contact to keep in touch with your customers via email and social channels. Must be registered with an account with Constant Contact.

MailChimp Email Marketing Info

MailChimp Email Marketing

Engage your customers and build loyalty with e-mail marketing through MailChimp. Must be registered with an account with MailChimp.

Upload Item Images Info

Upload Item Images

Upload images of your items to enhance your menu and encourage customers to order more food!

Feedback Surveys Info

Feedback Surveys

Get critical feedback from your customers after they order, so you can continually improve your service and fix negative experiences, building customer loyalty.

Coupons Info


Create coupons for customers to use on checkout, so you can drive additional orders with incentives.

Customize Checkout Fields Info

Customize Checkout Fields

Create custom checkout fields to get additional information according to your business's needs.

Custom Styles (CSS) Info

Custom Styles (CSS)

Deeply customize the look and feel of your menu with custom style sheets.

Customer Phone Verification Info

Customer Phone Verification

To help prevent fraudulent orders, we can verify a customer's phone number with a call or text before allowing them to order.

Delivery Zones Info

Delivery Zones

Draw custom delivery zones on a map to restrict delivery to exact areas.

Variable Delivery Fees Info

Variable Delivery Fees

Vary your delivery fee based on the customer's zip/postal code.

Advance Orders Info

Advance Orders

Allow customers to specify a date/time in the future for their order.

Receipt Printer Notifications Info

Receipt Printer Notifications

Orders are sent directly to a receipt printer attached to a Point of Sale system or PC.

Unbranded Menu Page Info

Unbranded Menu Page

Removes the 'Powered by Eat Now Network' link from the footer on ordering and checkout pages.

POS Printer Integration Info

POS Printer Integration

Streamline your operations by sending orders directly into your Point of Sale system. Automatically print tickets in the kitchen, delivery receipts, etc.

Cross Selling Info

Cross Selling

Automatically suggest items related to a customer's order, like an appetizer, drink, or dessert with an entree. Our system can intelligently learn which cross-sells perform best and tune itself over time to maximize your sales.

Use Custom Mobile Domain Info

Use Custom Mobile Domain

Allows you to serve our mobile web apps from your domain (e.g. instead of for additional brand presence. Note, this does not include the actual domain.

Automated Customer Retention Info

Automated Customer Retention

Contact customers automatically based on certain criteria. For example:

  • Send new customers a special discount to keep them coming back.
  • Send loyal customers a thank-you when they reach certain spend levels.
  • Get in touch with customers who haven't ordered in a while.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not thrilled, let us know and we’ll refund your latest month’s charges.


Q. What does 'unlimited trial period' mean?

Your restaurant will operate in “test mode” for as long as you like. Once you’re ready to start taking real orders, you get a 14 day trial period before monthly billing starts.

Q. Is there a contract? Can I cancel?

You aren’t locked into any long-term commitment. Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time.

Q. Are there extra charges or hidden fees?

Nope. Just our monthly plan, and if you receive your online orders via fax, the fax fee. If you don’t use fax, there’s no per-order fee.

Q. What about credit card processing rates?

We let you use your own merchant service provider for credit card processing, so we don’t set or control the rates you’re charged for credit cards.

If you’re looking for a processing provider, let us know and we can help!